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21 March

Lobby in Europe: why paint everyone with the same brush?

When we talk - generically - of Lobbies, we often think of a lack of transparency and, consequently, of the distrust of citizens in governments.

The reason is that People are not aware of the substantial difference (...they don't even know it exists) between Independent Service Lobbies and Pressure company Lobbies. Certainly both bring the interests of someone or something: but we immediately grasp the discrepancy if we compare the action of an Independent Service Lobbies that supports the reasons of a small consortium of producers so that the production of an Italian excellence is not penalized - for example - like the "Lardo di Colonnata" claiming not to produce it anymore in Carrara marble containers ... to the action of the Pressure company Lobbies - that depend on large multinationals or even on multinational corporations - that influence the laws throughout Europe on agro-chemistry for the use of pesticides, or also banking or petroleum ones that have hindered the development of electric motors for 30 years, up to those of tobacco or alcohol, capable of blocking the restrictions required of great voice to preserve public health.
Here is the big difference: it is the Pressure Company Lobbies activity that makes us suspect when we also think about the activity of the Independent Service Lobbies that spend most of their time protecting the excellence of the territory, presenting new research, incentivize finance to develop emerging sectors, present new sector, industry or area projects, direct funds to the PA local always in debt of specific skills, etc.
The world of Banks, Tobacco, Petroleum, etc .. is a planet in its own right, represents interests that rarely coincide with the concrete convenience of the people, because despite globalization, Europe today is still made up of small local interests that need to be brought to the attention of the institutions that would hardly be interested in them.

Carlo de Sio

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