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02 April

E-Cars & Cruise Ships

Within five years 50% of the cars sold will be electric or hybrid to reduce the pollution of the cities ...

On the contrary we have been experiencing for years the BOOM of the cruise sector, which is in fact a real contradiction, for the costs that this BOOM causes in environmental terms. Well, looking at the data of manufacturers of great diesel engines for ships (engines that run on crude oil, filled with vanadium, lead, aluminum and sulfur even 100 times bigger than a road diesel), a modern cruise ship with about 110,000 hp power, burns 13 tons of oil per hour !!! Making an easy calculation - by following the data on the average sailing days of a cruise ship - one arrives for each ship at an annual consumption of 130,000 tons a year, which is practically - more or less - the monthly production of an average refinery, like that of Falconara (AN) located in Italy.
Now if it is true that today in the world there are about 370 large cruise ships (not considering the "small", the commercial ones and the military ones) it is also true that the cities with the ports open to large ships are the most polluted because of them that never shut down the engines. I wonder then how can shipowners continue to order marvelous ships with amusement rooms, swimming pools, casinos, etc ... but that burn even a toxic fuel; and therefore what it is worth that we continue to talk about electric cars if we have a tourist fleet that pollutes like 15 million Euro 0 diesel cars? These deductions have been known for a long time and also by everyone.

Carlo de Sio

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