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Job training

Job training

This page is available only for the Italian nation.

We are "Associati Ebafos" one of the largest Bilateral Italian Bodies as well as an
Intersectoral Joint Body and Training Subject.

With "Ebafos" we work to improve the quality of employment with training.

Formation applicants

Companies and organizations that intend to carry out projects and / or training programs, addressed to all subjects and / or figures in safety at work as required by Legislative Decree of the Italian Republic 81/08 and s.m.i., in the points indicated in art. 1, as well as in the field of vocational training and professional training of workers.

These sectors are also intended for all professionals as defined and identified by current civil law regulations.

It's not possible apply accreditation to people who have been convicted of criminal offenses, recipients of measures concerning:


    the application of prevention measures;


    civil decisions and administrative measures;


    registered in the criminal record in accordance with current legislation.

The Keyword UE philosophy

The training projects are aimed at:

  • To workers in each category
  • To consortia and business groups
  • Orders and professional associations
  • Associations
  • Private companies
  • Professional Studies
  • Any other form of professional and corporate aggregation.

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We have many years of experience in Business Relations with European officials, politicians and law firms, and we represent the interests of our supporters at the highest levels of the EU. and the governments of the Member States.
The collection of Funds (direct and national) for the development of Companies and P.A. testifies to our serious institutional commitment: in 2016 we raised € 32 million for the development of supporters, € 93 million in 2017, € 133 million in 2018, and 2019 promises to be important..


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